Meet The Stylist

Sarah Hinton

Salon Owner

My mission has always been to make women feel and look their best; and to leave you with all the right tools to maintain their salon look at home.

Sarah Stylez at Nostalgia Hair Studio started for me as a child. I loved Barbie dolls and I would cut my Barbie’s hair into different styles. I even had a Barbie that came with a styling chair and rollers!

As I got older, I upgraded to a free-standing doll head that allowed me to wash and style the hair and apply make-up. Of course, I had baby dolls too and I came up with a concoction that consisted of glue, water and other ingredients that I used as hair spray. I would curl and style their hair with hot curlers without burning the synthetic hair.

In high school, I would apply my friends’ relaxers and bleach their hair with peroxide. As a very young adult before attending Cosmetology school, I had a very small group of ladies whose hair I would do on the weekends in my kitchen with just one curling iron. Never did I foresee that I was a hair stylist in the making.

My mission is to make women feel and look their best; to leave them with the knowledge and the right products to maintain their salon look at home.”

Now here I stand, 19 years later still loving the craft and growing within my field with the same passion as that little girl all those years ago. I promote not only beautiful hair but healthy hair and hair restoration. As your stylist, I go above and beyond to ensure that the right knowledge and the best skills to meet all your hair needs and goals.

Hair starts from within. Here at Nostalgia Hair Studio, I make sure to give my clients the correct knowledge, products, and hair routines to ensure and prolong the best hair of your life. I believe in staying up with the latest trends by regularly attending education classes and keeping up with the newest styles, products, and techniques.